How do I take care of my air plants?

Tillandsias  [ti-land-zee-uh] aka "air plants"

They do not require soil to grow, only need a moderate amount of light and a light misting of water once every three weeks.  Ensure root gets wet.

Air Plant Care

So you've brought your air plant home.. now what? Spend some time admiring their uniqueness (possibly give it a good fitting name), give it a quick tap shower and shake gently to remove any excess water, and set in a spot with indirect light to dry off.

Ongoing care instructions are as follows:


Bright, indirect light or under fluorescent home/office lighting.  


Air plants don't grow in soil but they definitely need to be watered. Lightly mist the plants once a week, preferably in the morning.

IF it seems really dry submerge the roots in a 3 - 4 hour bath. 


Almost any open vessel indoors will be fine as a home for your air plant as they will need some air circulation. 

How do I take care of my succulent terrarium?

You brought home/received a terrarium... now what? 

We always hear about people being afraid of killing their plants.. but follow these simple instructions and your terarrium will be happy. 


Bright Indirect light


Small & Large sphere with succulents: 1 tablespoon over each plant once a month.  Ensure it’s dry before watering

*this is a general guide.. if the soil still looks extremely dry after watering.. give it a bit more. if it looks like its too wet... it most likely is being overwatered. 

How do I take care of my splitting/living rock?

A rock that lives?? yes! it's called a lithop; commonly known as living rocks, splitting rocks, pebble plants or living stones. 

They are small succulent plants that live in the desert indigenous to South Africa. 

You may never notice them because they grow flat with the ground and look exactly like a rock. 

Why?  To avoid insects and rodents seeing them and eating them for their water.

A pair of leaves form a "cleft" in the middle of the plant. New leaves will continue to "split" and blooms yellow or white flowers depending on the species. 

They will grow to about 2 inches in height. 


Provide bright light or sun. They prefer morning sun and afternoon shade! (don't we all!)


Water a small amount when soil is completely dry.

It is important that the soil is dry in between waterings!